Gaco Western Roofing Systems

Gaco Western is a recognized leader in innovative silicone roofing systems, and offers best-of-class waterproofing and insulation solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The company’s administrative office is located in Seattle, Washington and all products are proudly Made in the USA at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing, research and development facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin.


The idea of CAPTIVA BRAND was established 10 years ago when we entered into the world of fence & deck post cap manufacturing. Our goal was to produce the only Miterless wood post cap. We wanted to design a post cap that would absolutely never split apart at the corners. This would give our customers


As a pioneer in chemical-free ThermoWood®, we offer sustainable and long-lasting wood products for architecture, building and design. Guided by our mission – we reconnect nature with urban people all around the world. With strong dedication and passion, our products are made in Finland from certified and renewable Nordic forests.


Tantimber is dedicated to enriching your living spaces and enhancing your quality of life through the transformation of the world’s most precious timbers into unique and enduring products. Wood, a living material with its intrinsic vitality, finds its guardian in Tantimber. Through innovative production techniques, Tantimber revives wood, ensuring it reaches its healthiest and most durable form. As a natural and organic construction material, wood gains strength and beauty under Tantimber’s care, promising to grace your spaces for many years to come. The environmentally friendly production methods employed by Tantimber make wooden products resilient against harsh climates and physical wear.